“I am”. Self-portraits, digital printing, 30*45 cm (2020)

The intent, but (is it really irreversible?) absorbed the glossy agenda of the past 20 years gaze resists attempts to find harmony in my own imperfect figure. However, out of the related products and circumstances, there is undisguised nudity.

Introspection leads to a form that was not previously found: what if we exaggerate a person’s desire to close oneself, to isolate oneself with something from the “other”? With a smile, I try to defend myself against the pressure of accepted standards and phantom desires imposed by marketers — by their own weapons — commodities, “travel dreams”, “achievements.” At home, I take selfies using the language of commercial photography.

For this, I sincerely conduct an audit of my own world. I am my activity, I am my education, people around, a living and bright world, my image, my path, my home.

At the same time, in the mirror I am both the observer and the observed. Insecurity in the series is an expression of my own will and reflection, and not someone’s desire, intention. Here in the pictures I do not belong to anyone. Or I belong to everyone at once — when publishing on social networks.