Camera 0. Wood, metal, led strip, mirror, digital photograph rolled onto foam board. 150*150*150 cm (2023)

From the silver daguerreotypes to the boom of the DSLR cameras and the triumph of selfies: since its inception, photography has allowed people to observe, record and reflect. These possibilities emerged from “emptiness”: the oldest way of “capturing” reality is considered to be camera obscura, “translating” the outside environment into an image on a plane inside through a small hole in the opposite wall.

The horror of purposeful daily murder, seemingly impossible today (experience of the past, discoveries of the present), made it necessary to look for support within oneself — there is nothing left to rely on in the outside non-world. But looking inside proved to be unbearable: human being is now seen as a hole in the universe. An emptiness that continues through itself and its technology to reflect, to display, to show.